Wool Christmas presents ideas for 2017

As I write this, there are only a few more weeks left until Christmas. This means it is time to urgently think about Christmas gifts. I get tired of giving and receiving gifts we don’t really need or are just a gag and often thrown out the next year. So I tried to come up with a list of ideas with wool Christmas presents that are practical, long-lasting and often also beautiful. Hopefully, you find a gift idea that will give joy to one of your loved ones on Christmas.

Wool chilling pants

My most favourite wool Christmas present this year are the chilling pants from Pally’Hi. They are comfortable as well as stylish. After having eaten too much Christmas pudding these pants will be a hit. These wool pants can be worn in winters as well as summers as the fabric has a perfect weight. The merino wool used is also very soft and comfortable on the skin.


Image source: Pally’Hi

Wool socks

Wool socks are of course a classic Christmas present. I always get knitted wool socks from my mother each year. However, you can choose very elegant wool socks that will complement any Christmas outfit as well. Another popular wool sock choice are hiking and skiing socks. These will keep everyone’s feet warm and dry during any outdoor activities.

alex-geerts-424409 Wool Christmas Presents Wool Lifestyle Blog

Wool bedding

How about you gift a good nights sleep for Christmas? Wool bedding helps to improve our sleep. Read how the wool can improve your sleep here. Therefore consider gifting a wool pillow, duvet or mattress protector this Christmas. There are many options on the market in all needed sizes and weights. The Wool Room offers bedding in US, UK and European sizes.

Better sleep in Deluxe warm duvet by the Wool Room at Wool Lifestyle

Image source: Wool Room


Wool slippers

Slippers for Christmas are another cliche. However if you surprise your loved ones with these wool slippers from Mahabis US for example you will see only happy faces . The new wool slippers on the market look stylish and are super comfortable. (Please note that the Mahabis link is an affiliate link. When you buy Mahabis slippers through this affiliate link you help this website sustain itself to offer free content. Click this Mahabis US link for more details).

mahabis slippers Wool Lifestyle Blog

Image source: Mahabis

Wool sweater

Another Christmas gift classic is a sweater. Handmade or bought, a wool sweater will always be handy and wonderful to wear. This season has many wool oversized sweaters which makes the holiday season even more comfortable. Make sure you choose a merino sweater to ensure that also your sensitive skin loved ones enjoy your gift.


Wool underwear

Underwear is a typical gift for Christmas. This year make it wool. The term wool underwear is very broad. It can mean longjohns as well as delicates. Both can make a great Christmas present. Longjohns and longsleeved tops are perfect for cold winter days to wear underneath your clothes. At the same time, they can be comfortable to wear around the house. Long underwear is also great for children to play in during the winter inside the house. If you prefer to gift everyday underwear you will also find many options. Here are a few examples from Dilling underwear (German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and Finnish website, UK to follow in 2018).

Image source: Dilling Underwear

Wool bag

It is not so easy to find wool bags however if you do they are a perfect gift. You can find handbags, backpacks, briefcases as well as travel bags made out of wool. Often the material is felted wool. However, there are also bags made of wool fabric combined with nylon which is a lighter alternative to the wool felt. Here are photos of my own wool bags.

Have a look at the brand new Lasso bag which is a very cool backpack. You can read a full product review here.

Lasso_Bag_Vill03_BD Wool Lifestyle Blog

Image source: Lasso

Hey-Sign also has wonderful bags of all kind of shapes and colours.  Link to Hey-Sign.


Image source: Hey-Sign


Wool blanket

My motto is – you can never have too many wool blankets. Wool blankets are a perfect gift for everyone you know as there are wool blankets for every occasion. A baby or children blanket for the little ones. A picknick blanket for the outdoor lover. A car blanket for the car enthusiast (did you know that a wool blanket helps with car sickness). A blanket for the sofa for the tv-series addict. A beautifully designed blanket for the interior design home decorator. And a wool blanket for everyone else who just likes to be cosy on long winter nights. Wool blankets come in all sizes, colours, patterns and especially fineness of wool fibre. Many people remember wool blankets to be scratchy. However, there are many super soft merino wool blankets available as well. I currently love the ones from Waverley Mills but you can also find a large choice at the Wool Room.

Waverley Mills plaid wool blanket Wool Christmas Presents on the Wool Lifestyle Blog

Image source: Waverley Mills

Felted wool storing boxes

I am a big fan of these felted wool boxes as they are practical to store things in and very decorative. I keep my many wool blankets in one and my sewing projects in another. A friend of mine stores her children’s toys in them in the living room. These boxes come in different sizes and a wide range of colours from Hey Sign.

Image source: Hey-Sign

Felted wool table mats

Another great felted wool product for Christmas are table mats. These also come in all sorts of colours shapes and sizes. You can even mix and match the colours on your table. Felted wool table mats cannot be washed in the washing machine, however the felted wool does not stain easily. Small food stains can be removed with a damp cloth. These examples below are from Hey-Sign.

Image source: Hey-Sign

Wool bed for pets

Maybe your dog or cat should also not be forgotten on Christmas? Our loved pets also enjoy the comfort of wool. They especially like to sleep on a wool blanket or cushion. You can either hand them down one of your old wool blankets or go for a luxury wool bed for your pet.

My dog made his wish for Christmas very clear by climbing on top of my wool blankets I keep in the Hey Sign basket mentioned above…

Do you have a good idea for wool Christmas presents? Please let me know in the comments below. And until then, happy wool Christmas gift shopping!