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Who is behind the Wool Lifestyle Blog?

My name is Elisabeth van Delden and I love wool. I started to learn about wool and became interested in the magical fibre in 2010 when I was writing my master thesis about the wool industry. Since then, slowly but surely, I am converting my wardrobe and any other area of my life to consist of wool. Why? There are many reasons and I write about them on this blog. But to name a few: Wool makes me feel much more comfortable than other fibres. Wool garments are beautiful, easy to care for because they need less washing and no or less ironing and wool garments last longer. Wool is a natural resource that can easily be recycled and even biodegrades, which makes it a sustainable fibre as well.

About me

I currently live in Bonn in Germany together with my lovely husband and my dog Cooper. I run a small consulting company helping wool industry businesses communicate successfully online. When I am not searching for new wool products, I love to cook, go on long walks with my dog and travel (preferably wherever I can also find some sheep around).

Why do I know things about wool?

I have worked in the wool industry since 2011. You can say that makes me bias. True. But at the same time, I have tested wool in every possible way. I am wearing wool every day, I do sports in wool, I sleep in wool, I sit on wool when I work, eat or watch TV and fight over my wool slippers and socks with my Labrador dog Cooper almost every day. Turns out dogs also love wool.

My goal is to have a wardrobe consisting mainly of wool (I am yet to find out if that is possible) and I also try to invest in wool whenever we need a new item in the house. That means I am constantly searching for new wool brands and products around the world. Many of my friends keep asking me where to best buy this or that wool item, so I thought why not share it with a wider audience, including you.

Now it’s your turn!

Enough about me, let’s talk about you! I would love to learn more about you and help you either find the wool product you are searching for or answer your question about wool. Let me know, how I can make this blog more valuable to you. I am always happy to help. Just leave me a comment below and I will make sure to respond. I look forward to heaering from you!

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