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Essential wool garments for men

9 wool garments every man should own If you look at well-dressed men in magazines or at events, fashion fairs or business meetings, you will notice that many of the garments worn by these well-dressed men will be made out of wool. Wool garments can upgrade every men’s wardrobe very easily. At the same, time […]

The benefits of a wool blanket

9 ways to use a wool blanket in your home and life I own a total of 10 wool blankets and all of them have been gifts from colleagues and friends. With each wool blanket that found its way into my life, one of my dear colleagues and I would say ‘Oh, you can never […]

Find your perfect wool slippers

Get warm feet with these wool slippers When I was younger I always thought slippers and especially wool slippers were so uncool. Since then, either my taste has changed or there are now many new wool slippers on the market that actually look cool and are super comfortable to wear around the house. As I […]