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The super warm and super stylish Baabuk Boots

The Swiss-based innovative shoe company, Baabuk, has recently launched a new product – the Baabuk Boots. Like all their products so far, they launched the Baabuk Boots on Kickstarter in 2017. I supported their Kickstarter campaign back then and was very happy to receive my pair of boots at the beginning of January 2018. Since then I had plenty of time to wear, test and enjoy my wool boots. Here is what I think about the Baabuk Boots.


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Call me superficial, but I just love the design of the boot. The combination of the dark grey and the white and black stripes looks stylish and so different from all the other winter boots out there. Baabuk also offers a second design with only black and dark grey.

The whole boot is made (of course) of felted wool on the inside and the outside. Only the heel has a patch of black leather. I quite like the felted wool lining on the inside of the shoe as it is quilted and has a nice feel to it.

The rubber sole of the shoe is very thick and has a very robust profile. This gives you a very secure grip on ice and snow. The combination of both, the thick sole and the profile, make the shoe perfect for cold weather and snow.

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This already brings me to the high comfort level of the shoe. While I am writing this post, we have temperatures between -2° and +3° C. I wear the shoes to walk the dog every day. When it is early in the morning to take my dog out, I slip into the shoes with only a thin pair of wool socks (and my pajamas). Every time I am surprised how my feet stay warm in the boots. Don’t get me wrong, my feet are not hot or overheating, they are just comfortably normal and don’t get cold. The good insulation comes from the combination of wool as well as the thick rubber sole.

Baabuk had the shoe also tested by the explorer Mike Horn, who wore the shoes during one of his trips to the South Pole in -40°C  temperatures. Based on my own experience so far, I believe the shoes can also perform well under these harsh conditions.

We just had around 2 centimeters of snow the other day, so I was excited to test the boots in the snow. The soles gave me a very firm grip on the snow and made me feel safe walking in the snow.  Whenever I did get a little bit of snow on top of the boots, it did not seem to affect them in their performance or look. While wool is already naturally water repellent to some degree, Baabuk says that the wool felt has been treated with bee’s wax. The bee wax make the boots more water repellant. Using bee wax is a more sustainable treatment of the shoes compared to synthetic repellents.

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What I also like about the boots is that you can so easily slip in and out of them. The shaft is wide enough to easily get in and out, without using force to squeeze your foot in. As the shoe also has no laces, it is really quick to get out the door.

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I am also surprised by the stain resistance of the shoes. I live in the city and when it snows, the snow quickly turns into black slush. I am wearing the shoes to walk into town and back and I am amazed that the shoe did not yet get dirty. The dirty drops of water and snow slush just seem to pearl right back off.

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About Baabuk

Baabuk is a small startup based in Switzerland, founded and run by Galina and Dan Witting. Baabuk’s first product was a pair of wool slippers based on the traditional Russian Valenkis. Since then the couple has developed two different wool sneakers and the wool boot. In 2017, the Baabuk Boot even won the Gold Winner ISPO Award in the segment Outdoor. During ISPO in 2018, I asked Galina if they had any new products in the pipeline. While the focus will be first to successfully launch the Wool Boot to the market, Galina and Dan for sure have many new ideas for us to enjoy in the future. I personally cannot wait to see what wool product Baabuk will delight us with going forward.

Where to buy

If you are interested in purchasing your own Baabuk Wool Boots, just head on over to the website where you can purchase your own pair.

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