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The Baabuk Sneaker is a comfortable everyday cool shoe

The first felted wool shoes I ever bought was the Baabuk Sneaker. I chose the light grey colour with turquoise laces, lining and stitching. I opted for the sneakers instead of the runners because I liked the more relaxed fit and style. I also did not want to use them to actually run or do sports in them but rather wear them everyday (which I do).

Baabuk is a startup based out of Switzerland who raised money successfully on Kickstarter to fund their product launch. Baabuk also offers felted wool slippers, wool urban runners, wool sneakers and felted wool boots. In fact the team at Baabuk raised money for all their new product launches successfully which is quite an achievement.


While the Baabuk Urban Wool Runner looks more like a running shoe, the Baabuk Sneaker has a more relaxed street fashion style which I like better for everyday shoes. The sneaker goes well with any kind of jeans or trousers or shorts.


The Baabuk Sneaker comes in 5 different colour combinations. Three in light grey, one dark blue and one light blue. I love how they always combine two different colours which give the shoe a fresh look. The light grey comes with a white sole and either turquoise or orange laces, lining and stitching. The third light grey has a black sole and black laces, lining and stitching. The dark blue combines everything in white and the light blue has a white sole as well and yellow laces, lining and stitching.


The shoes are super comfortable to wear. Over time the felt does give way and fits a bit looser compared to the beginning.
I often wear them without socks during summer when I just quickly want to go outside with the dog or run an errand. However, the felted wool can feel a little bit scratchy if you have sensitive skin. I wear my sneakers in the summertime as well as in the beginning of winter before it is time for boots. The shoes don’t feel too hot in summers and are comfortable in winter as well. The sole does not have a lot of grip, so you want to be careful in winters on wet or slippery grounds.

The only time these shoes are not the best option is during heavy rain or walking through wet grass. A little bit of water or rain is no problem as the rain either rolls right off or does not feel wet. The reason for this is that wool can absorb water up to 35% of its own weight without feeling wet. However, if this limit is crossed then the shoes, socks and feet do get wet and the shoe can start to feel heavy.

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Due to wool’s properties, the shoes are naturally antibacterial as well as temperature regulating. This means that your feet will not feel too cold or too hot because the wool in the shoe breathes and ensures the right temperature around your feet. The shoes will also not smell easily because of the antibacterial properties of the wool used inside the shoe. Bacteria don’t like the environment of wool and therefore don’t start to grow on the fiber which means less smell.

Taking care

I have spilled already tomato sauce on my shoes and it was easy to get the stains out. Baabuk claims that it is possible to wash your sneakers in the washing machine at 30 degrees. I already washed mine once on the wool cycle with wool detergent and they turned out fine. Only the cotton shoelaces remained a bit dirty, so it is maybe worth while washing them separately on a cotton cycle.

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The Baabuk brand

Baabuk is a company founded in 2013 in Switzerland by Galina and Dan. Creating innovative products that are connected to craft and tradition is their passion. Transparancy and a ethical supply chain is also part of the Baabuk DNA.

All their 4 different sneakers, slippers and boots are made out of wool felt. The Urban sneaker is made out of Portuguese wool that originates from the Serra Da Estrela in the north of the countries.  The shoe is also manufactured in Portugal. Portugal has a long history and expertise in shoemaking. In addition, Baabuk works with partners who have the aim of bringing new employment to the Portuguese regions. Baabuk is quite open about how their products are made and you can read more details on the Baabuk website.

I am definitely going to buy myself a second pair of Baabuk Sneaker and I have my eyes on the dark blue ones. How about you? Are Baabuk wool sneakers of interest to you and if yes, which ones?

Visit the Baabuk website by clicking here.




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