North x North Wool Kerchief – Product Review

The simplest wool product with maximum usability What is a wool kerchief? That is what I asked myself when I first came across a 42-inch by 42-inch (or 106 by 106 cm) piece of soft merino wool fabric from North x North on Kickstarter around a year ago. Turns out a wool kerchief is one … Continue Reading

Baabuk Boots Product Review

The super warm and super stylish Baabuk Boots The Swiss-based¬†innovative shoe company, Baabuk, has recently launched a new product – the Baabuk Boots. Like all their products so far, they launched the Baabuk Boots on Kickstarter in 2017. I supported their Kickstarter campaign back then and was very happy to receive my pair of boots … Continue Reading

Find your perfect wool slippers

Get warm feet with these wool slippers When I was younger I always thought slippers and especially wool slippers were so uncool. Since then, either my taste has changed or there are now many new wool slippers on the market that actually look cool and are super comfortable to wear around the house. As I … Continue Reading