The world’s most favourite slipper?

I have had many wool slippers in my life but I need to admit that none of them were what you could call pretty or stylish. There were several slippers knitted and then felted by my mom which I loved (thanks Mom!). Then there were these traditional felted wool slippers from Mongolia which I wore a long time before my dog Cooper decided he liked them better once he chewed on them. I always loved each and every single one of my wool slippers because they were so comfortable but having stylish wool slippers seemed to be a match just not possible. Until I met Mahabis US slippers!

Colours and materials

Mahabis slippers are made out of felted wool with a wool fleece lining and detachable rubber soles. The slippers come in two colours – dark grey and light grey. Once you chose a colour of your slipper you then get to choose between seven different coloured rubber soles. I bought the light grey slipper with black and also mint soles. I do switch the soles from time to time but have a preference for the black soles somehow. The heel is made out of neoprene which makes it easy to slip into the shoe easily. The inside sole of slipper is also made out of nylon.

Allround use

The slippers are super comfortable to wear in summer and winter. You can wear them with and without socks. The rubber sole does allow you to walk with them outside your house, but Mahabis does not recommend that you actually take a walk in them or do any other physical activity in them. I agree that besides their versatility they are still slippers and destined for walking around the house and relaxing only. When I, for example, play intensely with my dog the soles do tend to slip off. You would not want that to happen when you walk outside. However, they are great for quickly watering the flowers on the balcony or the terrace without having to change shoes. And if you want to put up your feet on the sofa or bed but wish to keep your slippers on, you can just remove the sole.

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Caring for the Mahabis slippers

I tend to be a bit clumsy. I always let things drop including food. So, of course, I also dropped a spoon with tomato sauce and the tomato sauce hit my Mahabis slippers as well. The sauce came easily off with a damp cloth and I don’t see any red stains remaining. So you don’t need to worry that your slippers will get dirty. Mahabis does not recommend washing the slippers in the washing machine as they might lose their shape and then the plastic rubber sole might also not be willing to fit onto the slipper any longer. If you do wish to wash them only use the wool wash cycle at 30°C or lower with Woolmark approved washing detergent.

As I write this, I own my slippers for around 6 months. The felt does tend to have a little bit of pilling which is normal with wool. Shorter wool fibres inside the felt come loose and form these little bobbles on the surface of the shoe. You can easily take the pilling off and the shoe looks just as great.

I never take off the detachable sole. I recently noticed that the wool has rubbed off in two very small places on top of the slipper at the edge of the rubber sole. There is no whole, but you can see the lining shine through as the wool as rubbed off from wear. You cannot really see it when wearing the slippers with the sole, only when you take the sole off you see these small areas. I don’t think it is a quality issue, it is just normal to have a little bit of wear and tear.




Price and shipping

Mahabis slippers cost 90 EUR or 110 US$. You may argue that the price is quite high for a slipper. But then again it is a wool slipper, which means the main material used for the felt and the sheep fleece is already higher for manufacturing the product. In addition, the price also acknowledges the design, creativity and comfort the product gives you. Worldwide shipping is included in the price and delivery was quick.

Mahabis claims that their slippers are the world’s favorite slipper. I cannot say anything about that. But if you are looking for a comfortable, stylish and versatile slipper, then you will be happy with a pair of Mahabis slippers.

Check out the Mahabis slippers for yourself by visiting the Mahabis US website (affiliate link – by using this link to purchase your own Mahabis slippers you help this website sustain itself to deliver free content).

Do you already own a pair? Which colours did you choose and combine? Leave me a comment below or post a picture of your pair onto my Facebook page.

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The Baabuk Sneaker is a comfortable everyday cool shoe

The first felted wool shoes I ever bought was the Baabuk Sneaker. I chose the light grey colour with turquoise laces, lining and stitching. I opted for the sneakers instead of the runners because I liked the more relaxed fit and style. I also did not want to use them to actually run or do sports in them but rather wear them everyday (which I do).

Baabuk is a startup based out of Switzerland who raised money successfully on Kickstarter to fund their product launch. Baabuk also offers felted wool slippers, wool urban runners, wool sneakers and felted wool boots. In fact the team at Baabuk raised money for all their new product launches successfully which is quite an achievement.


While the Baabuk Urban Wool Runner looks more like a running shoe, the Baabuk Sneaker has a more relaxed street fashion style which I like better for everyday shoes. The sneaker goes well with any kind of jeans or trousers or shorts.


The Baabuk Sneaker comes in 5 different colour combinations. Three in light grey, one dark blue and one light blue. I love how they always combine two different colours which give the shoe a fresh look. The light grey comes with a white sole and either turquoise or orange laces, lining and stitching. The third light grey has a black sole and black laces, lining and stitching. The dark blue combines everything in white and the light blue has a white sole as well and yellow laces, lining and stitching.


The shoes are super comfortable to wear. Over time the felt does give way and fits a bit looser compared to the beginning.
I often wear them without socks during summer when I just quickly want to go outside with the dog or run an errand. However, the felted wool can feel a little bit scratchy if you have sensitive skin. I wear my sneakers in the summertime as well as in the beginning of winter before it is time for boots. The shoes don’t feel too hot in summers and are comfortable in winter as well. The sole does not have a lot of grip, so you want to be careful in winters on wet or slippery grounds.

The only time these shoes are not the best option is during heavy rain or walking through wet grass. A little bit of water or rain is no problem as the rain either rolls right off or does not feel wet. The reason for this is that wool can absorb water up to 35% of its own weight without feeling wet. However, if this limit is crossed then the shoes, socks and feet do get wet and the shoe can start to feel heavy.

Baabuk Sneaker Product Review_ Wool Lifestyle


Due to wool’s properties, the shoes are naturally antibacterial as well as temperature regulating. This means that your feet will not feel too cold or too hot because the wool in the shoe breathes and ensures the right temperature around your feet. The shoes will also not smell easily because of the antibacterial properties of the wool used inside the shoe. Bacteria don’t like the environment of wool and therefore don’t start to grow on the fiber which means less smell.

Taking care

I have spilled already tomato sauce on my shoes and it was easy to get the stains out. Baabuk claims that it is possible to wash your sneakers in the washing machine at 30 degrees. I already washed mine once on the wool cycle with wool detergent and they turned out fine. Only the cotton shoelaces remained a bit dirty, so it is maybe worth while washing them separately on a cotton cycle.

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The Baabuk brand

Baabuk is a company founded in 2013 in Switzerland by Galina and Dan. Creating innovative products that are connected to craft and tradition is their passion. Transparancy and a ethical supply chain is also part of the Baabuk DNA.

All their 4 different sneakers, slippers and boots are made out of wool felt. The Urban sneaker is made out of Portuguese wool that originates from the Serra Da Estrela in the north of the countries.  The shoe is also manufactured in Portugal. Portugal has a long history and expertise in shoemaking. In addition, Baabuk works with partners who have the aim of bringing new employment to the Portuguese regions. Baabuk is quite open about how their products are made and you can read more details on the Baabuk website.

I am definitely going to buy myself a second pair of Baabuk Sneaker and I have my eyes on the dark blue ones. How about you? Are Baabuk wool sneakers of interest to you and if yes, which ones?

Visit the Baabuk website by clicking here.




Learn about the different types of wool scarves to find the one you like best

Do you have a wool scarf? Or maybe more than one? Did you ever count? I just did and I was a little bit surprised about the number. I found 16 scarves either hidden away in my cupboard or hanging on my coat rack. As this is the Wool Lifestyle blog, I don’t have to mention that all my scarves are made out of wool. Over time I did get rid of the scarves made out of viscose or other synthetic fibres. Most of the scarves I own I bought myself but some were also gifted to me. Wool scarves are actually always a good and safe gift because they always fit around anyone’s neck.

There were times when I would always wear a wool scarf no matter the weather, summers and winters, inside and outside and no matter the occasion. Was I a scarf addict? Maybe. Some of my colleagues in the wool industry would sometimes make fun of me because it would be a super hot day and everyone would be sitting in air-conditioned rooms enjoying to cool down a bit and I was still wearing my scarf (mainly because I never do well with air conditioning). Recently, however, I mainly wear scarves 9 months out of 12 when I go outside (I live in Germany). So I am still a big fan of my wool scarves. I even bought my latest two scarves only 6 months ago despite already owning so many. Seems like one can never have too many scarves.

When I piled up all my scarves and looked at them I noticed a scarf is not a scarf is not a scarf. There are many differences. Scarves can be hand knitted, machine knitted or woven. They can be lightweight or bulky and chunky. They can be a loop, a triangle, square or rectangle. Patterned, multicoloured, embroidered or plain. Long, short, narrow or wide. The possibilities are endless which makes each scarf unique and a perfect accessory to pimp up your wardrobe. There is for sure always one scarf that fits the occasion.

Let’s get an overview of the different types of wool scarves to help you identify which one can be your next favorite one.

Hand knitted wool scarves

Although I did once knit myself a scarf when I was 22, both my hand knitted scarves were made by my mom who is a gifted knitter. One is a very chunky loop scarf and the other one is a mix between a loop and a poncho. With hand knitted scarves it is important to make sure the wool used is soft enough for you to wear. You also want to make sure that the wool does not pill easily as the scarf will

With hand knitted scarves it is important to make sure the wool used is soft enough for you to wear. You also want to make sure that the wool does not pill easily as the scarf will rup against your coat and sweater while wearing.

Hand knitted scarves often have a chunkier look which can be a nice contrast to a plain coat or outfit. A hand knitted wool scarf is for sure always something special.

Hand knitted wool scarf Wool Lifestyle Blog

Machine knitted wool scarf

My one machine knitted wool scarf is already over 10 years old, it does not even have a label on it anymore and I don’t remember where I bought it, but I need to say the scarf has kept really really well. Hardly any signs of pilling. I love the many colours of this scarf as it fits well with any sort of coat. The colour blocking is something that I think will never go out of style.

When you buy a machine knitted wool scarf test it against your skin if the wool is soft enough to wear around your neck. Machine knitted scarves look often less chunky than the hand knitted ones as the knitting needles used are thinner and finer. Knitting machines can sometimes also create much more elaborate and multi-coloured patterns.

Machine knitted wool scarf Wool Lifestyle Blog

Single jersey machine knitted wool scarf

Another very nice knitted fabric is wool as a jersey because it can be super soft on the skin. My jersey scarf is actually loop scarf from Buff. This one is the slightly thicker version for winters. However, a single jersey fabric can be very thin and light in weight which makes it a nice option for summers where you might need to protect yourself from a draft or spend some time in air conditioning without wanting to ruin the summer outfit with a winter like looking scarf.

Plaid woven wool scarf

I have two plaid woven woolen scarves which I honestly don’t wear very often because they are quite narrow and short and I tend to wear big bulky scarves. But I still keep them because I think they are beautiful, they are both made out of super soft merino wool and have some memories. One scarf I stole off an ex-boyfriend and the other one was gifted to me by a very lovely colleague and mentor.

Maybe you have noticed that I used the word woolen to describe these scarves. Woollen means that the individual wool fibres are not all totally aligned with each other which allows for some fibres to stick out a little bit. This gives the wool scarf a nice fluffy texture. Make sure you test the scarf against your neck to see if the wool fibres are fine enough not to irritate your skin.

Woollen scarves can of course come in plain colours or patterns. Plaid scarves are also very decorative and go well with a more plain style or a plain coat. I often find they look particularly well on men.

Plaid Wool Scarf Wool Lifestyle Blog

Herringbone woven wool scarf

I admire woven patterns like the Herringbone. They are simple but yet interesting. By using different colours they can achieve all sorts of effects. Mine is a scarf woven in South Africa by Hinterveld and it was a gift for all participants at the IWTO Congress in Cape Town in 2014. Typically my husband wears this one as it is very soft and he has sensitive skin.

The herringbone is a classic pattern that always looks great and can come in many different colour combinations.

Herringbone wool scarf Wool Lifestyle Blog

Plain woven wool scarf

Now this category is my favourite scarf style. All of my 3 plain woven scarves are large and a bit bulky and I wear these the most.
They also tend to all be in very basic colours of black, navy and grey which is probably another reason why I wear them so much as they go with almost everything. In addition, I love these scarves because they can easily function as a blanket on a flight or you can sit on the scarf during a picnic. But mainly I like the look of a chunky scarf and the cozy feeling I get wearing it.

You can never go wrong with a plain wool scarf as it will go with many different styles and outfits. Invest in a high quality wool scarf and it will be a long time friend.

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Embroidered woven wool scarf

Before my chunky wool scarf phase, I had a embroidered wool scarf phase. All my embroidered scarves are from India. It started with one scarf that I got from a friend when he returned from a trip to India. When I then attended my best friends wedding in India in 2010 I went scarf shopping and returned with 6 or 7 embroidered scarves, of which I gave a few away as presents to my friends and the rest I kept and wore consistently. I just found the colours and the embroidery magnificent. These scarves always elevate a simple outfit. At the same

These scarves always elevate a simple outfit. At the same time these scarves are also quite large in size so perfect to cover up your shoulders during a colder summer evening or when you are on your way to a party only wearing a cocktail dress.

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Very fine woven merino wool scarf

This last category is also a very special one because of the beauty of the fine wool. You can sometimes not believe how fine and lightweight wool can be and these scarves are the proof of that. The white scarf is a Woolmark Gold licensed scarf in white that I actually wore to my civil wedding. It is I think the softest scarf I own and just feels wonderful on the skin.

These type of scarves are perfect for anyone with very sensitive skin. They work really well in summers and if you wish to look very elegant on a special occasion.

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What is your favourite wool scarf? How was it made and what shape does it have? Either leave a comment below or post a photo of your scarf on the Wool Lifestyle Facebook page.