Turn your favorite designer chair into wool chair

After my husband and I moved in together, we were still using chairs and tables that we collected during our studies and first jobs. I contributed the dining room chairs and my husband the table and they were an odd match. I had auctioned my 4 chairs from my parent’s country club when it was closed down for a total of 20 EUR. Whenever you had to sit on them for a longer dinner with friends they would become quite uncomfortable. We decided it was time to invest into a new dining room set. My husband already knows me so well, that it went without saying that any chair entering our home had to be a wool chair.

After a little bit of research, we found furniture companies who have on the one hand chairs covered with fabric and on the other hand the option to choose the type of fabric yourself.
We ended up at BoConcept as we liked their chair called Adelaide. In addition, BoConcept offers a range of felted wool fabrics in different colours to choose from.

Blue chair front Blue chair back Wool Lifestyle Blog Blue Chair side angle Blue chair back Wool Lifestyle Blog Blue chair back Wool Lifestyle Blog

We chose the Adelaide chair in two different styles, 4 without an armrest and two with. In addition to mixing the style of the chairs around our dining room table, we also decided to mix the colours and chose grey and blue. It was a little bit difficult for us to imagine what it would look like, but BoConcept has a digital design tool to help the undecided. The design tool simulates your dining room and shows you how the chairs and table would look in your own setting. This made the decision process much easier.

The felted fabric is a blend of 80% wool and 20 % polyamide. Of course, the wool felt fabric is one of the more expensive fabrics you can choose from but I believe the durability will outlive the price long term.

It took a few weeks for the chairs to get manufactured. Once the chairs finally arrived at our house we were very happy with our choice. The chairs blend in well with the rest of our furniture. The chairs are comfortable which makes me enjoy long dinner parties more now. I also like the warmth the fabric gives to the room compared to a solid wood or plastic chair.

We were a little bit afraid of getting any stains on the chairs. Of course, within the first two weeks, we got tomato sauce stains on one of the chairs. After a meal of spaghetti, a knife with tomato sauce fell off one of the plates while clearing the table and onto one of the chairs. Tomato marks were splattered all over the chair. Magically the tomato sauce came easily out with a damp cloth. I also used a baby wipe and voila no stains left on the felted wool fabric.

Grey Wool Chair front Blue chair back Wool Lifestyle Blog Grey Wool Chair side angle Blue chair back Wool Lifestyle Blog Grey Wool Chair back Blue chair back Wool Lifestyle Blog

If you are worried about stains, BoConcept also offers a product that you spray on the fabric to make the fabric more stain resistant. I own it but I am yet to use it. The company also offers a stain remover in case you might not be successful tidying up a stain, but simple house cleaning products worked for me so far.

If you are planning to invest into new dining room chairs, I can only recommend considering chairs covered in felted wool fabric. Just ask at your favorite furniture store if they offer individual upholstering and if they have a fabric range containing wool. If your furniture company does not have their own fabrics or does not offer wool felt among its options, you can always ask if you can supply your own fabric.

Here is a link to the Adelaide chair on the US BoConcept website. Make sure to change to your local BoConcept site if you are looking for prices and options in your local currency.