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The inventors of the Lasso slippers have just released their latest product, the Lasso bag, a felted wool backpack.

The Lasso bag is made from one single piece of waterproof wool-felt all made locally within a 500 km radius away from Paris.

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The idea behind the backpack is the same as with the slippers – the backpack arrives flat-packed at your doorstep and you give the product the final touch by assembling it yourself. The assembly is done with a strap that holds together the backpack. The straps to assemble the bag are at the same time the straps to carry the bag on your back.

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The team behind Lasso are skilled product designers who have given a lot of attention to detail to the design of the bag. The bag has a large pocket for any 15″ laptop and 2 small ones for phones, key and other accessories you want to keep tight. A 3D mesh at the back has been added for comfort while riding your bike. There are no additional gimmick pockets, no logo, no special design feature nobody needs. It is just a simple elegant backpack for everyday life.

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The bag comes in two different colour options – brown and black. However, to me, the colours look more like greige and dark charcoal. The strap to assemble the bag comes in 6 different colours: charcoal black, wool grey, brick red, peacock blue, pumpkin orange and kiwi green. You can always pick and choose your own colour combinations.

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All materials used for the bag are manufactured in Italy and France. The felt is made in Florence, Italy, in a factory using solar energy produced on site. It is made from 70 % wool and 30 % viscose to make it water repellant. It is very soft, yet very durable and will not tear apart from heavyweights in the bag.

The strap is made in Cholet, in France, from thick polyester wire with a very tight double stitch, making it very strong and stable.

All the assembly and logistics is done in Troyes, France. The packaging is a simple cotton tote bag, it protects the backpack, let it breathe during transport and is made so that it has a second life, instead of throwing it away.

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Manufacturing a product entirely in Italy and France reduces the carbon footprint of the product. At the same time, it was important to the Lasso team to make sure that all employees involved working on the product were working under good working conditions with minimum wages, health insurances and health & safety facilities.

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The bags are available for sale on the Lasso website at the price of 189 EUR.

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Visit the Lasso website and check out their other great products.

If you want to hear the full story behind the Lasso company, you can listen to an interview with the founder Gaspart Tiné Berès on the Wool Academy podcast here.

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