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The world’s most favourite slipper?

I have had many wool slippers in my life but I need to admit that none of them were what you could call pretty or stylish. There were several slippers knitted and then felted by my mom which I loved (thanks Mom!). Then there were these traditional felted wool slippers from Mongolia which I wore a long time before my dog Cooper decided he liked them better once he chewed on them. I always loved each and every single one of my wool slippers because they were so comfortable but having stylish wool slippers seemed to be a match just not possible. Until I met Mahabis US slippers!

Colours and materials

Mahabis slippers are made out of felted wool with a wool fleece lining and detachable rubber soles. The slippers come in two colours – dark grey and light grey. Once you chose a colour of your slipper you then get to choose between seven different coloured rubber soles. I bought the light grey slipper with black and also mint soles. I do switch the soles from time to time but have a preference for the black soles somehow. The heel is made out of neoprene which makes it easy to slip into the shoe easily. The inside sole of slipper is also made out of nylon.

Allround use

The slippers are super comfortable to wear in summer and winter. You can wear them with and without socks. The rubber sole does allow you to walk with them outside your house, but Mahabis does not recommend that you actually take a walk in them or do any other physical activity in them. I agree that besides their versatility they are still slippers and destined for walking around the house and relaxing only. When I, for example, play intensely with my dog the soles do tend to slip off. You would not want that to happen when you walk outside. However, they are great for quickly watering the flowers on the balcony or the terrace without having to change shoes. And if you want to put up your feet on the sofa or bed but wish to keep your slippers on, you can just remove the sole.

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Caring for the Mahabis slippers

I tend to be a bit clumsy. I always let things drop including food. So, of course, I also dropped a spoon with tomato sauce and the tomato sauce hit my Mahabis slippers as well. The sauce came easily off with a damp cloth and I don’t see any red stains remaining. So you don’t need to worry that your slippers will get dirty. Mahabis does not recommend washing the slippers in the washing machine as they might lose their shape and then the plastic rubber sole might also not be willing to fit onto the slipper any longer. If you do wish to wash them only use the wool wash cycle at 30°C or lower with Woolmark approved washing detergent.

As I write this, I own my slippers for around 6 months. The felt does tend to have a little bit of pilling which is normal with wool. Shorter wool fibres inside the felt come loose and form these little bobbles on the surface of the shoe. You can easily take the pilling off and the shoe looks just as great.

I never take off the detachable sole. I recently noticed that the wool has rubbed off in two very small places on top of the slipper at the edge of the rubber sole. There is no whole, but you can see the lining shine through as the wool as rubbed off from wear. You cannot really see it when wearing the slippers with the sole, only when you take the sole off you see these small areas. I don’t think it is a quality issue, it is just normal to have a little bit of wear and tear.




Price and shipping

Mahabis slippers cost 90 EUR or 110 US$. You may argue that the price is quite high for a slipper. But then again it is a wool slipper, which means the main material used for the felt and the sheep fleece is already higher for manufacturing the product. In addition, the price also acknowledges the design, creativity and comfort the product gives you. Worldwide shipping is included in the price and delivery was quick.

Mahabis claims that their slippers are the world’s favorite slipper. I cannot say anything about that. But if you are looking for a comfortable, stylish and versatile slipper, then you will be happy with a pair of Mahabis slippers.

Check out the Mahabis slippers for yourself by visiting the Mahabis US website (affiliate link – by using this link to purchase your own Mahabis slippers you help this website sustain itself to deliver free content).

Do you already own a pair? Which colours did you choose and combine? Leave me a comment below or post a picture of your pair onto my Facebook page.

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