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How to keep your baby comfortable with wool

Welcoming a baby into our world is always the most amazing moment. As I am writing this blog post my new godchild has just been born. Of course, I will wish to gift her a little welcoming present. This made me think about the best wool products for babies. I asked myself what would be the essential wool products for a newborn baby to have a comfortable and great start here on earth. Here is the list I came up with.

Baby blanket

A soft merino wool baby blanket is essential. I think this might be the number one wool item I gifted newborn babies the most so far. A handmade baby blanket is the most lovely and personal option and there are so many amazing patterns available. However, there are also amazing manufactured baby wool blankets out there that will keep babies warm but not overheat because of its breathability. A wool blanket will let babies sleep more comfortably compared to a synthetic blanket.

Merino wool beanie

I am not to say if babies need to wear a cap all the time or only when they need protection from the sun or the cold. Fact is, babies do need a beanie. Choosing a soft and lightweight merino beanie will work in summers and in winters and make the baby feel comfortable meaning not too hot and not too cold. Make sure the wool is really really soft so that the baby’s skin is not irritated.

Merino wool body

Babies grow so quickly that they outgrow their clothes so fast you can almost watch. A body is probably the most basic item a baby wears and there are wonderful bodies made out of merino wool that are super soft on the skin, breathable and moisture wicking, keeping your baby comfortable.

Wool socks or shoes

A good way of keeping babies feet warm is with little wool socks or knitted wool shoes. Hand knitted socks are a popular gift among the knitting community. However, socks tend to fall off easily because babies kick their feet so much. Therefore, I like the little wool shoes that have a little string so you can tie them around the baby’s ankle just to keep them on a little bit longer. Young parents go through many little socks as one seems to always get lost somehow. Therefore you can never have too many wool socks for the little ones.

Wool sweater

Especially during winter time, babies need an extra layer of warmth which is where a wool sweater or cardigan comes in handy. Again I think hand-knitted sweaters are a lovely option if you have a crafty knitter among your family or friends. Of course, there are also lovely options available in store. Take good care that the wool is very soft in order not to irritate your baby’s skin.

Sleeping bag

Sleep studies show that babies fall asleep faster and also sleep longer when sleeping on and in wool. A sleeping bag filled with wool helps your baby sleep comfortably at night ensuring that the baby does not overheat nor get too cold. Sleeping bags come in different weights depending on if you live in hot or colder climates.


The best product for your baby to sleep on in its pushchair is a sheepskin. Does not matter if it is summer or winter, the sheepskin will always provide the right temperature for your baby and feel soft and comfortable. There are organic wool sheepskins especially for babies as well.

No matter if you buy only one of the wool items above or all of them, it will have a positive effect for the little one you are buying it for. I heard many midwives recommending wool, especially for newborns as it is the best fibre to keep a baby comfortable by being warm but not too hot.

Is there a wool item that you find most relevant for a baby? Do you have a particular product that you recommend? Do let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear about it.

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