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9 wool garments every man should own

If you look at well-dressed men in magazines or at events, fashion fairs or business meetings, you will notice that many of the garments worn by these well-dressed men will be made out of wool. Wool garments can upgrade every men’s wardrobe very easily. At the same, time wool makes you also feel more comfortable in your clothes due to the breathability, softness and elasticity of the fibre.

If you are looking to invest in a few items that will last you a very long time while always making you look well dressed, have a look at these 9 wool essentials to complete your wardrobe.

Wool Suit

I don’t know what it is exactly, but men in suits still look their best. A well-fitted wool suit somehow flatters every man well. Since most office jobs don’t require a suit attire anymore, there are of course fewer occasions to wear a wool suit. However, investing in one high-quality well-fitted suit is still a good investment. Once you have a wool suit that makes you look smashingly hot you know you will look your best at the next weddings, fancy birthday party, job interviews, networking events, conferences etc. and don’t have to dread wearing a suit. A wool suit well taken care of will last you several decades as long as you can keep that waistline of yours.

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Photo Source: Jeremy Beadle via Unsplash

Woolen jacket

A woolen jacket is a blazer made out of woolen fabric that has more of a coarser and thicker touch compared to a worsted fabric of which a wool business suit would typically be made of. One example of a woolen fabric is tweed. Due to the textures and various shades of colours woolen jackets often have, they can be combined very flexible with all sorts of other clothing items. They work well with jeans, khaki, suit and corduroy trousers. If there was only one woolen item you wanted to invest in, I would recommend buying a woolen jacket.


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Photo Source: Andrew Neel via Unsplash


Wool Coat

Another wool essential is the wool coat. Again investing once into a good quality wool coat will give you a very good return on investment. Due to the breathability of the wool, a wool coat will make sure that you stay warm in winters but not overheat nor sweat like it is often the case in a functional outdoor or down jacket made out of synthetic fabrics.

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Photo Source: Pablo Heimplatz via Unsplash


A soft merino wool scarf will also last you for a very long time and will work well together with your wool coat or woolen jacket. Once the weather gets cold and damp, a wool scarf will protect you and keep you comfortable.

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Photo Source: David Lezcano via Unsplash


Wool socks of course also come in all forms and sizes, so it is a very broad category. While I highly value and recommend wool hiking socks and thick winter socks, I believe very thin and fine merino wool socks should be part of the men’s wool essentials collection. A good looking wool sock completes the look, even though other people just see a few centimeters of them. In addition, a wool sock ensures that you don’t get sweaty feet but also no cold feet as the socks breathe and manage skin moisture vapour.

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Photo Source: Kyle Ryan via Unsplash



A basic uni-coloured wool sweater is another classic item in a men’s wardrobe. It looks well just worn with a t-shirt or shirt underneath but can also be worn underneath a woolen blazer for some extra warmth. Make sure you pick a very soft merino wool sweater to avoid any irritation on your skin.

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Photo Source: Alain Wong via Unsplash

Hat or beany

With cold temperatures in winter time, a wool hat or a beany are also essential. Here again the style of a hat or beany can vary immensely. As long as your head is comfortable and you like the look, go for it.

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Photo Source: Clem Onojeghuo via Unsplash

Long Johns

For years I tried to convince my husband to wear a pair of wool long johns underneath his jeans whenever we would go out into the cold for a long walk but he always refused. Finally he bought a pair of merino wool long johns for a winter trip to Norway to see the Northern Lights. Since then he wears them now regularly during our outdoor activities during winter. He finally experienced the comfort a pair of wool long johns can give you on a cold winter day.

Wool essentials long johns by Dilling at Wool Lifestyle blog

Dilling Underwear

Merino T-shirt

A merino t-shirt may not have been an essential wool garment in the past, but things have changed. There is a vast variety of merino wool t-shirts available in the market made out of very soft next to skin suitable wool. These shirts work well for any outdoor activity but also just worn as part of a daily outfit. The advantage of a merino wool t-shirt is that it does not smell of sweat so easily due to the odour resistance of the fibre.

Dilling Underwear

Dilling Underwear


Is there a wool garment you think should be part of a men’s wardrobe essentials? Leave me a comment below. I would love to hear about it.

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