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Get warm feet with these wool slippers

When I was younger I always thought slippers and especially wool slippers were so uncool. Since then, either my taste has changed or there are now many new wool slippers on the market that actually look cool and are super comfortable to wear around the house.

As I write this blog post in December 2017, it has become quite cold where I live in Germany and across the Northern Hemisphere. So thinking about wool slippers to keep warm at home seems like a good idea. However, I do wear my wool slippers all year round, even in summers. So if cold feet are not your issue right now, you might still find a nice pair of wool slippers to wear also in summers.


Mahabis Slippers

Those of you who have already read my product review on the Mahabis slipper know that I am a big fan. I wear my Mahabis wool slippers every day while working from home – through summers and winters.

I personally like the look of the Mahabis slippers and I find them super comfortable. I think it is fun that you can combine the slipper with different attachable coloured soles. The attachable soles also make the slipper practical to wear the same slipper inside and outside the house. What I do is I wear the soles all the time, only when I lounge on the sofa and feel like keeping my wool slippers on, I take off the soles.

Have a look at the unique Mahabis wool slipper style and the colour combinations you can choose from here.



9_Baabuk_Slippers 1200x800 Wool Lifestyle Blog

Baabuk Slippers

Baabuk is another brand I am in love with, however, I have not yet had the chance to try their wool slippers personally but I love the story behind the slipper. The Baabuk slipper is based on the traditioanl Russian shoe called Valenki. The Valenkis are made out of wool and were essential for surviving in the cold Siberian winters. The founders of Baabuk adapted the Valenki into a modern wool slipper. The Baabuk wool slipper is made in Nepal by local wool experts using only wool, water and soap.

The slippers come in all sorts of fun colours as well as children, women and men sizes. Have a look at the Baabuk wool slipper here.


Lasso Shoes

Lasso shoes wool slippers Wool Lifestyle Blog

Lasso Shoes

While I already wrote about the Lasso Bag, I don’t want to miss out mentioning the fantastic Lasso wool slippers as well. These felted wool slippers come in 4 different styles of which all are made out of 90% wool and 10% Viscose. What is special about the Lasso slipper is that you assemble the slipper by yourself at home with a pair of laces that are available in 13 different colours. This gives your wool slippers a unique touch as you are part of the making process.

The Lasso Classic is the simplest version of the felted wool slipper. Then there is the Lasso Furry version which has sheep wool inside the slipper for extra warmth and comfort. The Lasso Nubuk has a nubuck leather look on the outside instead of the felted wool and the Lasso X Briagell gives the option of crazy prints to make your slipper even more unique.

The Lasso wool slippers are made within a 500 km radius around Paris which reduces the products environmental footprint quite a bit.

Check out the Lasso shoe website here.



Giesswein wool slippers

Giesswein. Image credits: www.rolart-images.com

If you like your slippers to look more like a Ballerina shoe, you will get lucky over on the Giesswein website. Giesswein has a very long tradition of manufacturing wool slippers, I even wore several Giesswein wool slippers when I was a child. Their options of wool slippers is huge but I have my eyes set on the ballerina styles.

Check out the Giesswein ballerina wool slippers collection here.



Allbirds Wool Loungers W_KotareLemon Wool Lifestyle Blog

Allbirds Lounger

The Allbirds Lounger is not really marketed as a wool slipper but never the less can also be a wonderful shoe to lounge around at home.  The Allbirds Lounger is more like a proper shoe designed to be worn inside and outside the house. I find the Allbirds Lounger a great wool slipper if you prefer to look more dressed up at home and don’t want to feel like you just got out of bed. For a full product review of the Allbirds Lounger continue reading here.

Hopefully, you found a wool slipper that you like and is right for you. If you came across a wool slipper I did not mention in this post, leave me a comment below, I would love to learn more.





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