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How to include wool in your wedding

My husband and I are celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary today. We were looking at our wedding photos and it reminded me how we tried to integrate wool also into our wedding. In today’s blog post, I share with you some ideas on how to integrate wool into a wedding or into similar family and friends celebrations.

Wool Wedding Dress

One thing was very clear for me, I definitely wanted to wear wool at my wedding. Of course, it proved to be very difficult to find a wool wedding dress in a store, so I decided to sew my own dress for the civil wedding ceremony. As a background, in Germany, all marriages need to be sealed by a registrar. Many couples, therefore, end up having two weddings, one at the civil registry office and one in church. For us, it was the same, so I decided to make my civil wedding dress out of wool and for the church wedding I bought a gown off the shelf.

I found this off-white, very fine worsted merino wool fabric out of which I sewed a simple 50s style dress. I lined it with silk to keep it all natural fibres. The dress was very comfortable to wear despite heat and rain during the day.

Wool Wedding Dress

Wool throw

I also wore a wool shawl or wool throw together with my wool dress when it got a little bit chilly. The shawl was made out of very lightweight merino wool. It was perfect for summers and felt luxurious to wear.

Wool Wedding Wool Scarf

Wool Suit

Of course, I also convinced my husband to wear wool during our wedding. He wore a blue Hugo Boss suit during the civil wedding. At the church wedding, he first wore a cut made of wool which we borrowed at a suit supply store. In the evening he wore a black tuxedo from Hugo Boss also made of wool. He looked stunning in all three attires.

Wool Wedding Wool Suit

Wool Yarn for Programme

Besides out clothes, I also wanted to include wool in other ways in our wedding. For the church wedding, we had a little programme printed for the ceremony. To bind the several sheets of paper from the programme together, I used a white handknitting wool yarn. I did the same for the menus on the dinner table.

Wool Wedding Wool Yarn for Programme

Wool Give Aways for Guests

For our guests, we also had a wool give away. We bought heart-shaped key rings out of wool felt. We ordered a bunch of different colours and put a key ring for each guest on their dinner plate. We bought our key rings at Hey-Sign who offer a wide range of felted wool key rings in all different shapes and colours. Hey-Sign only offers wholesale, but they will be happy to put you in touch with a retailer who offers their products.

Wool Wedding Wool Felted Key Rings by Hey-Sign

Table Placemats

Another idea I had but was not able to implement was to use felted table placemats (Hey-Sign also has beautiful ones). We had a wedding with 120 guests, so buying wool table mats was outside of the budget. However, for a smaller wedding, this might be feasible. An alternative could be to have a centrepiece wool placemat to be part of the table decorations.


Live Sheep

The night before our church wedding, we invited our guests for a dinner held in the stables of a farm. We asked the owners of the farm if they could let their sheep graze in the close by paddock next to the stables. We had also other goats and donkeys graze next to the house and it was lots of fun for the children as they arrived at the venue to see the sheep and other animals grazing.

Wool Wedding farm animals

Sorry, I could only find an image of the donkey greeting our guests.


Did you have a wool wedding yourself? How did you manage to include wool? I would like to hear about it.

Wool Wedding Dress

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