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Inspiration from a young Australian to wear more wool in our everyday life

It is the beginning of 2018 and many of us have set and already broken our New Year’s resolutions. At least I have not gone regularly to the gym during these first few days of January, not to say I haven’t gone at all… This is why I am even more in admiration of Luke Hooke and his campaign Year of Wool.

Luke is a young Australian who committed himself to wearing only wool for one entire year. It takes a lot of commitment and dedication to pull through on something like that. With this blog post, I want to give him a shout out and applaud him for what he is doing.

About Year of Wool

In October 2017, Luke started his Year of Wool to promote wool clothing as well as the wool industry. For 365 days Luke is wearing only wool and wool blend clothing to demonstrate the versatility and incredible natural qualities of wool and wool clothing.

Luke Hooke Year of Wool Wool Lifestyle

How Luke came up with the campaign idea

Luke himself grew up on a wool producing farm in the state Victoria in Australia.  While he knew everything about wool growing already at a very young age, he only became interested now, in his early 20s, about what types of products wool could all be manufactured into. Luke discovered wool products such as the Wool & Prince button down wool shirts or the wool sneakers of brands such as Allbirds and Giesswein, which as Luke says ‘blew him away’.

At the same time, a few of his friends raised awareness for sustainable fashion by walking 3000 km through Vietnam, Thailand and Laos for one year. This inspired Luke to create his own campaign to raise awareness for wool clothing and the wool industry. His ultimate goal is to inspire others to discover amazing wool products and simply wear more wool in their everyday life. Luke even stresses, that often wool products are superior products and are just waiting to be discovered.

Luke’s experience so far

Luke already owned a wool suit which he wore to work every day. For his Year of Wool campaign, he now replaced his cotton shirts with wool shirts such as one from Wool & Prince.  For his daily bike ride to work he changed into wool activewear. The only items Luke is struggling to find are fancy wool office shoes as well as a wool belt.

Wool & Prince wool shirt Wool Lifestyle

Source: Wool & Prince

One advantage Luke experienced during his Year of Wool campaign so far is the that his wool wardrobe takes less time, water and energy to take care of. He found that his wool garments can be refreshed easily by hanging them in fresh air overnight and garments need much less ironing. With his wool shirts, he can get 5-6 wears out of them before it is time to throw them in the wash. His wool shirts also only needed ironing once during a time period of 2 months.

Luke is testing the wool lifestyle to the extreme for one year while sharing his experience and telling us about what more he learned about wool and the wool industry. Maybe his campaign will also inspire you to wear more wool and make 2018 your own Year of Wool.

Visit Luke’s Year of Wool website and connect with him on Instagram and Facebook to follow his journey.

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